Balloch Community Woodland
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Balloch Wood Partners and Friends

There are a wide range of people and organisations that have been central to the development of Balloch Wood, to whom we extend our thanks. 

Forestry Commission Scotland: have managed Balloch Wood since 1958 when it was purchased from local landowners.  Currently they manage it under a 25 year management agreement with the local community and Balloch Wood Community Venture.  Forestry Commission staff, including Lyndy Renwick, Stan Corocoran and Rob Soutar, have been centrally involved in assisting and encouraging the project.

Sulwath ConnectionsSulwath Connections:  Balloch Wood has benefited hugely from the support of the Sulwath Connections Landscape Project funded through the Heritage Lottery and Sulwath project staff, including Chris Wood-Gee, Ed Forrest and Rose Anne Smith. Specific projects funded through this Project are included on the Sulwath Connection Landscape Partnership Project’s web site.

Dumfries & Galloway Council :  in addition to the support provided through Sulwath Connections, Council staff have been of great assistance.  Chris Hopkins and the onsite assistance of Alison Keith and Gilbert Clark were instrumental in installing the first paths: vital milestones in maintaining momentum and demonstrating that the project was delivering.  The Mid Galloway Area Committee of the Council also provided the initial funding for the day to day management of the project.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH):  have been involved in this project from the very beginning. Mike Scott, SNH’s local Access Officer was invited to visit the woodland before the project had gained any real credibility - his enthusiastic and realistic advice was highly valued as was his assistance in gaining substantial grant aid towards interpretive materials.

Solway Heritage: Nic Coombey helped us to raise funds through the Landfill Tax, money which was used to underpin much of the early development works.

Heritage Lottery Fund

Creetown Walks » About Us » Partners & Friends