Balloch woodland Walks

The Final Haiku


butterflies dance
light in the sky
   old brown leaves
float downstream
light between larch trees
   the overlapping echoes
of childrens’ voices
animals come out
from hibernation
until grass sways
with the slow wind
flowers growing slowly
   getting scared of the dark
roots spread everywhere
   along the path a line
of soft, silky feathers
touched rough bark
   under the bark were slaters
and other creatures
baby frogs front flip
into a bubbly red pool
walking over broken branches
   smooth bluebells stand tall
a tree stump has fallen over
   red squirrels climb
from the white
skeletons of leaves
a smell of mint
a camouflage frog
amongst dead leaves
   slimy green moss
water is banging
off the rocks
smelt resin      it felt sticky   midges hover over
the sound of people