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How to get involved

The Balloch Wood Community Venture has been developed by a group of committed volunteers and has taken a huge amount of time and effort.  Yet the challenge has only just begun.  Continuing to run and manage the forest over the coming years is going to be the next challenge, and we need YOU to help out!


There are a range of different ways to get involved, with something to suit everyone’s energy levels and time constraints.  Volunteers might like to help with active roles like planting or clearing paths or to help out with project admin or to join the committee. We are very keen to involve as many people in the local community as possible.  This is our wood and we want you to be part of it so any assistance you can provide, however small, is greatly valued and will ensure the continued success of the project.

Make a donation

If you don’t feel able to spare any time, or if you don’t live locally but want to support the project, you might like to make a donation to help with the upkeep and development of the forest.  The Balloch Wood Community Venture is entirely run by volunteers so you can be sure that your donation will go straight into the woodland.  Donations need not necessarily be financial.  Non financial contributions received so far have included trees and seats and all are gratefully received.

Organise an event

Otherwise do you have an idea for an event which could either raise funds or make an appropriate use of the woodland (ie events which are in keeping with its nature)?  We are keen that the wood is fully enjoyed by the local community and already it has been host to arts and craft and fundraising events.

For more information about volunteering, making a donation or organising an event please contact us

Creetown Walks » How to Get Involved